Vanderwell Plants Millionth Tree


Vanderwell Contractors, a local family-run business with a 75-year history in Alberta, has been committed to promoting sustainable forests for generations. In 2012, Vanderwell partnered with Rona to plant one million trees on lands that have been affected by wildfire.

The project focused on replacing burned areas, protecting watersheds and increasing wildlife habitat.

In early July of this year, Rona and Vanderwell celebrated the planting of its millionth tree - planted near Slave Lake on farmland that has been reclaimed to forest.

President and CEO of the Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) Paul Whittaker states that “Planting trees is not just about a commitment to corporate sustainability - it's also about healthy forests and jobs for future generations. More than 45,000 people depend on Alberta's forest industry for their jobs. Next time you visit the hardware store, stationery store, or newsstand, buy Alberta forest products. It's a choice you can feel good about.” In 2015, members of the AFPA planted 65 million trees in Alberta. That's 16 trees for every man, woman, and child in the province.

The MD is proud to recognize this exceptional partnership between a family-run Alberta forest company and an iconic Canadian retailer. It is this type of commitment to the future that has kept both companies in business for nearly seven decades.

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