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Coyote Predation Management

Coyote predation management is administered by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, in partnership with local Agricultural Service Boards, in the agricultural areas of the province. In accordance with the Agricultural Pests Act, the Agricultural Fieldman is empowered to assist landowners to protect their livestock from coyote predation. The Municipal District of Lesser Slave River accomplishes this through:


  • Maintaining and administering a Coyote Predation Management Policy
  • Extension and education on avoiding wildlife conflict through the use of best management practices
  • Issuance of approved coyote control devices and materials

Wildlife Predation Compensation Program

The predator compensation program provides compensation to producers whose livestock are killed or injured by wildlife predators. Compensation is only available for predation of cattle, bison, sheep, swine, and goats, and only if the attacking predator is determined to be a bear, wolf, eagle, or cougar. This program is administered by Fish and Wildlife, not the local municipality. If a producer suspects any of the above species are the culprit, they are encouraged to contact the local Fish and Wildlife office.

When the predated carcass is found, it is crucial to preserve the evidence. Protect the carcass from scavengers and take clear pictures of the evidence (bite marks, wounds, etc.). Even if there is not sufficient evidence to receive compensation, it is still imperative to report the incident. Changes to programming and policy cannot be made if there is no record of an issue!

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