UPDATE: Eagle Nest Mitigation Plan


Three eagle’s nests have been located along the Regional Raw Water Line Intake Project near Turner Estates. The Town of Slave Lake has released an update on its mitigation plan to ensure that nests are not disturbed.

The Raw Waterline Intake Station at Widewater and Pipeline Project from Widewater to the Town of Slave Lake is well under way with the Intake Station completion date targeted for mid-August this year, and the pipeline completion targeted for mid-June this year.

There are 3 eagle's nests along the pipeline route that the Town has been monitoring since day one of the project. Now that the eagles have returned, the monitoring process has been ramped up by means of a full time on site biologist.

The eagle's nests were identified during the early scoping phase of the project in 2016/2017, at which point a mitigation plan was developed and approved by the Alberta Government's Provincial Biologist. When the eagles returned several weeks ago, the Town's engineering consultant provide a Biologist to come to site for a few days and educate the Town's on-site inspector and pipeline contractor on the guidelines around working in proximity to an eagle's nest, and how to monitor the behaviour of the eagles to ensure they were not being disturbed by the work activity in the area. The eagles were moving between 3 different nests for several weeks, and it appears that they have now settled on one nest. It looks like the eagles have laid eggs as they are sitting in the nest full time now.

The Town's biologist is back on site full time now, and will remain on site to monitor the eagles until the pipeline work has moved out of their territory (which should be in about a week or so).

The Town wishes to ensure area residents that administrators are aware of the nesting eagles, and are following all guidelines as set out by the Alberta Government Provincial Biologist to ensure the eagles are being looked after properly.

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